Robotics4deaf on-line: Inclusive cloud-based portal, e-Learning platform and mobile application

  1. To develop the Digital Competence Framework and the Learning Back Pack accompanied with the campaign and the eco-system of the Open Badges and mobile application.
  1. A registration profile for teachers and students;
  2. Open Badges assessment and validation system;
  3. A digital learning environment;
  4. Interactivity and interconnectivity based on e-academy which will include the involvement of experts to provide guidance and support to teachers on issues relevant to teaching coding to young students. Also, an e-data bank which will include various resources and e-tools to support management and learning as well as an e-community for teachers to exchange ideas and good practices between them.
  5. A mobile application presenting educational material, assessment profiles, communication methods and open badges to its users in a modern and user-friendly way.