Robotics4Deaf digital action plan for all: An A to Z guide for setting up the Robotics4Deaf clubs

  1. To produce the A to Z GUIDE essential for each organization for the implementation of the Programme in formal and non-formal settings, training, educational centers and other Institutions based on the creation of ROBOTICS4DEAF CLUBS.
  1. And pilot-test the A to Z GUIDE necessary for the implementation of the ‘ROBOTICS4DEAF PROGRAMME’ for skills acquisition (to include road map, guidelines, templates, good examples, monitoring tools, practical tips , SWOT analysis etc.);
  2. The CAMPAIGN and a PETITION in support of introducing this type of skills to students;
  3.  SYNERGIES with teachers, trainers, business and ICT experts, professionals, banks, enterprises, SMEs etc. needed for the sustainability and exploitation of the project.