DeafStudio is a civic association founded in late December 2008 in Prešov, Slovakia. DeafStudio members are young Deaf people. Devoted to art, education, information about the culture of the D/deaf communities.

DeafStudio’s goal is:

  • preservation of cultural assets D/deaf and hard of hearing
  • support for the education of members, sympathizers and the public
  • transferring and gaining experience and information in the field
  • satisfying the artistic aspirations of members
  • self-realization of artistic growth of members
  • discovering new artistic intentions
  • creating a confrontational environment – sources of inspiration
  • creation of technical background – provision of assistance

Subject to the implementation of the objectives of DeafStudio is:

  • performing educational and educational activities, advisory and consultancy activities, cultural and educational activities
  • raising awareness, professional levels of citizens, parents, students, children and the public by organizing:
  • courses, seminars, lectures, conferences and workshops,
  • practical meetings, sports and recreational activities,
  • cooperation with educators and students of educational institutions.


Contact Details: Marek Kanaš