SPOŁECZNA AKADEMIA NAUK / SAN (University of Social Sciences) is one of the leading private universities in Poland with over 15.000 students and numerous, outstanding academic staff.

There are various departments, including IT Studies, Educational Science, Psychology and Sociology that will contribute their experience to this project. Within our Educational Science department we train teachers of different types with a special focus on preschool and early school level of education.

As an educational organization University of Social Sciences promotes multidisciplinary approach, bringing together researchers from a diversity of backgrounds (economics, humanities, artistic, educational science, etc.). We have experience in European projects, including those focusing on developing educational materials for schools & pre-school. Our university co-operates also with wide range of primary and secondary schools, the local city council, authorities of Lodz Province, provincial and administrative units and other, educational institutions.

Within SAN there is an IT Institute which is involved in designing of IT systems. The Institute provides several study specializations, e.g. IT in Management or IT in Social Works. Apart from main activity the University is a significant institution of persistent adult education (LLL) offering different courses for adults.

In educational rankings, published by the influential national magazines, the University of Social Sciences/ SAN is placed very high.

Website: https://san.edu.pl/

Contact Details: Aleksandra Konopka 

Email: akonopka@spoleczna.pl